Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

Swiss Water Process Decaf Coffee

Is decaf coffee bad for you?  What most people don't know is that decaffeinated coffee doesn't come from a specific kind of bean and while many coffee brands use a chemical process, there is a healthier way.

The Chemical Process

This process has been known to use solvents that have been criticized for being toxic and unhealthy. This process starts with the green coffee bean that is soaked in water to open up the pores before being rinsed several times with chemicals such as methylene chloride or ethyl acetate. Sometimes the beans are even soaked in a coffee extract afterward that is meant to add back the flavor of coffee.

Swiss Water Process

This process was born from passionate people like us who believe decaf coffee should be healthy and taste amazing. This eco-friendly process uses charcoal filters to remove the caffeine after the green beans are soaked in hot water. This ends up removing about 97-99.9% of caffeine and produces a much more flavorful and healthy cup of coffee.  Try our Decaf Cero Roast below and see what we mean...

How the Swiss Coffee Process Works